Printing ink Manufacturing company producing and supplying quality products of Flexo inks, Gravure inks, screen printing inks, Offset printing inks, Pad printing inks, Marking inks, coding inks, Marbling inks, Uv curable inks, water based inks and other specialty coating applications. The total dependency of the Flexible packaging industries made us to grow drastically for the past few decades. Rupa Colour inks is well known in Flexible packaging, publishing and printing industry. Keeping the quality aspect in mind, we manufacture and supply printing inks at international standards to most of the packaging companies across the globe.

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rupa colour inks ISO 9001 certified printing ink manufacturers and exporters


Rupa Colour inks have capability to run in all the quality printing machines manufactured across the Globe. All Quality Printing Machine suppliers and manufacturers use and commander Rupa inks for the purpose of Demo to achieve the best quality of printing out of their machines. Most of the printing, Publishing, Packaging and converting people use Rupa Colour inks. They also suggest, Recommend and insist their printing vendors to use Rupa Colour Inks for their requirements of the Best quality, color, Hue, Runnability, printability, Stability and Other combination of quality provides a absolute trouble free printing and finishing, leading to high productivity. Especially, good runnability of Rupa colour inks ensures accurate excellent timely feeding and delivery Consistency. The quality of Printing inks by Rupa Colour Inks is the main key to good runnability, Free from irregularities, variations, surprises. All types of Printing inks from Rupa inks have Consistency in each and every batch, every drum of inks and in every dispatch. Our quality Ink setting and drying properties dominate the printing and Flexible packaging industries.

Types of Popular printing Inks and coatings manufactured

  • Silk Screen Printing Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Paper Matt Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Paper Gloss Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Metafix Matt Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Metafix Gloss Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Pvc Matt Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Pvc Gloss Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Pvc Semi Gloss Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Polyfix inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Foil inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Mettalic Inks
    • SCREEN PRINTING Florescent inks
  • Flexographic inks
    • Flexo solvent based inks
      • Flexo Poly high gloss Printing inks
      • Flexo Paper Gloss Printing inks
      • Flexo High speed label inks
      • Flexo Foil inks
      • Flexo High Bond Lamination inks
    • Flexo Water based inks
      • Flexo water based Craft paper inks
      • Flexo water based Paper Gloss inks
      • Flexo Water based Rub Resistant Gloss inks
      • Flexo High speed label inks
      • Flexo Polythene inks
      • Flexo water based foil inks
      • Flexo water based clear Coating(Matt and gloss)
  • Roto-Gravure Inks
    • Gravure Sovent Based inks
      • Gravure High Bond Reverse printing Lamination inks
      • Gravure Paper and Board Inks
      • Gravure foil inks
      • Gravure Bopp Tape inks
      • Gravure Heat resistant Inks
      • Gravure High Gloss poly inks
    • Gravure water based Inks
      • Gravure Water based Paper inks
      • Gravure water based Foil inks
      • Gravure water based Polythene inks
      • Gravure water based Coatings - Clear varnish
  • Pad printing inks
    • Pad Printing PP Matt Inks
    • Pad Printing PP High Gloss Inks
    • Pad Printing Metafix Matt Inks
    • Pad Printing Metafix Gloss Inks
    • Pad Printing Vinyl Matt Inks
    • Pad Printing Vinyl High Gloss Printing Inks
    • Pad Printing Pvc Semi Gloss Printing Inks
    • Pad Printing Polyfix inks-2pack
    • Pad Glass printing inks
    • Pad Leather Printing inks
    • Pad Printing Foil inks
    • Pad Printing Mettalic Inks
  • Specialty printing inks and Coatings
    • Uv curable inks
    • Marking inks
    • Batch coding inks
    • Deep Freezer Coding inks
    • Security inks
    • Invisible inks (Uv light visible)
    • recieptive coating
    • Marbling inks
    • Tin Printing inks
    • Metal Decoration inks
    • Digital Printing inks
    • ink jet inks
    • Polypropylene primer

Rupa printing inks -Uses and End application

Packing Materials
Bakery Items Packaging
Greeting Cards & Wedding Cards
Glass & Ceramics
Gift Wrappers
Gas Cylinders
Sign Boards
Shoes & Slippers
News Papers
Brochures & pamphlets
Milk Pouches
Ghee pouches
Toilet Soap & Detergent Packaging
Wall Papers
Metal Components
Plastic Components
Rubber Components
Stationary Items
Text Books
Business Forms
Chewing Tobacco Pouches
Toffee Wrapper
Foils-Tablets & Capsules Packaging
Net & Foam Bags
Tissue Papers & Napkins
Cement Bags(Paper)
Woven Sacks(Plastic)
Corrugated Boxes
Adhesive Tapes
Tins, Drums and Cans
Plastic Carry Bags
Decorative Items, etc.,

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